On Self Doubt

You ever sit and think;
“Why would I write anything here?”
“Who cares?”
“Does anyone want to read this shit?”
“Do people really want to look at these photos?”

And then I remember all the assholes out there spewing hateful terrible shit that have an audience of millions. Literally millions!

I think I need to get over my self doubt and just put something out there. Surely there are at least a handful of people out there who might find what I have to say interesting, entertaining, or valuable. But damn, it’s hard to motivate yourself and put yourself out there.

I certainly have a lot more respect for the folks that sit in front of a keyboard day in and day out and churn out real, honest, heartfelt content. I’m not talking about that clickbaity shit. I mean genuine blog posts that contain a real opinion, thoughtful analysis, or creative work of humor or art.

Or I suppose you can just sit your ass in front of the keyboard and type whatever comes into your head, no matter how ill-conceived. So go for it I guess. What’s the worst that can happen?